Hosting: Why Choose Infomedia?

At Infomedia, hosting comes free with our support and maintenance packages — but the reason we recommend hosting with Infomedia is more than just because of cost considerations. It’s important to host with us so we can provide you with the best service for your website.

We host in a standard Linux environment, and the source code is maintained in version control (Git) and undergoes regularly scheduled backups. We believe this is the most secure way to host your site, and it means that if your site ever goes down, is hacked, or has an issue we need to address, we can take care of it without interruption because we have access to a backup copy of your site.

On the other hand, if you choose to host internally or with another partner and your site does down and needs to be restored, we’d have to rely on a potentially old copy of your website. This means you could lose important updates or changes you’ve made to the site. And if your site goes down and you need us to restore it, connecting with your hosting provider could take time, and you’d be billed for those services.

Because hosting is part of our support and maintenance package, you’re paying for hosting whether or not you’re using it, so we feel that the best choice for our clients, both for security and for value, is to host with Infomedia.