What Do Page and Post Visibility Options Mean in WordPress?

There are three different types of visibility options for pages and posts in WordPress: Public, Privately Published and Password Protected. The visibility option appears under the Publish box. To choose any of these options, go to or create your page, and then click Edit next to Visibility (see screenshots below).  After clicking Edit, choose the publish option that you prefer and click OK. Then click the Publish or Update and the page will be published with your chosen settings. Here’s a breakdown of what the three different visibility options mean:


When simply published, the page is viewable to everyone as long as it is in the navigation. If you don’t link the page to the navigation, than users can only see the page if you send them the url or if they find the page while searching through Google.

This post is public and is viewable from the training center because it is categorized in the WordPress topic.

Privately Published

When privately published, the page is live, but only users who are logged into the site can see the page.


If the user is not logged in, they will get a “Page not found” error.

Password Protected

When password protected, the page is live, but in order to see the content on the page, users have to enter a password. You can set the password when you create the page; this setting is easily updated if you need to change it in the future.