How to Link to a PDF in WordPress

Here’s how to link to a PDF in WordPress:

  1. Log into WordPress
  2. Navigate to the post/page that you want to add the link to.
  3. While on the edit page,Πselect the text you want to link or make a space in your content for the link to go.
  4. Then, click on ‘Add Media’
  5. Click on ‘Upload Files’ and upload your PDF
  6. Once the file uploads, you will be redirected to the Media Library screen. Click on the PDF that you just uploaded so that it is highlighted.
  7. On the right hand side of the box, replace the ‘title’ of the document with the text that you want to link the PDF to. For instance, if you want the user to click the words ‘View Template Here’ and have the PDF open, make the title ‘View Template Here’.
  8. Once you set the title, click the blue ‘Insert into Page’ button.
  9. The link will then be added to your post/page.