Four Reasons to Use Google Apps

If you use a smartphone (and who doesn’t these days?), chances are you’re familiar with the variety of apps available to simplify access to certain features, like music or social media. Likewise, you’ve probably gotten very familiar with Google. But from a business perspective, did you know Google has created apps that can simplify connectivity for you and your office?

Google Apps is a cloud-based productivity suite that helps you and your team connect and get work done from anywhere on any device. Google Apps is optimized for businesses and you can keep all of your existing domain email addresses.

Here are some great features of Google apps:

Lots of Storage: You get 30GB of storage per user (about 50 times the standard corporate inbox).

Invisible IT that just works: Spend less time managing your IT infrastructure. You always have access to the latest software, including the newest features and security updates because Google Apps is updated automatically. We make it easy by managing everything, including product updates, via Google servers. All you need to use and keep Apps up to date is an internet browser. That means no more specialized email clients such as Outlook, which saves you time spent on trying to get it all to work

Better Access: Access your work from any device with a web browser on your computer, phone or tablet, and stay productive even when you’re away from the office. Google Apps makes it easy to stay connected to projects you’re working on and the people you work with, no matter where you are or what device you’re using.

Quick Recovery: While you work, all your critical data is automatically backed up on Google servers. So when accidents happen, if your computer crashes or gets stolen, you can be up and running again in seconds.

These are just a few of the ways Google Apps can simplify your office operations. For more information on Google’s suite of products, click here. To find out more about Infomedia’s email offerings and whether you can be set up with Google apps, contact us today.