5 Tips for Writing an Eye-Catching Email Subject Line

Did your mom ever tell you, “You never get a second chance at a first impression?” Well, she was really on to something.While she probably wasn’t talking about email marketing, the advice still rings true. 

So, what’s the first impression your audience gets of your emails? Here’s a hint, it’s a single line that often gets overlooked in an email marketing strategy. The subject line. And this little one-liner can make a BIG impact on your email marketing effectiveness. 

A well-crafted email subject line can ensure that your email grabs the attention it deserves. On the other side, a poorly written one might end up in the trash or, even worse, get flagged as spam. Don’t worry, though! We’ve got some expert tips to help make sure your emails go from received to read:

  1. Keep it Short and Sweet: It’s tempting to go overboard with details, but try to limit your subject line to 60 characters or less. This way, most of your readers will see the full line in their inboxes without any issues.
  2. Avoid the SPAM folder: Certain keywords can trigger spam filters, causing your emails to be diverted away from your customers’ inboxes. Words like “free,” “act now,” “credit” and “offer” are usually red flags. Oh, and never write your subject line in all caps — trust us on this one.
  3. Be Clear: Remember that feeling when you open a bag of chips and find more air than actual chips? Don’t let your readers experience that disappointment. Avoid subject lines that promise more than your content can deliver. Make sure your content lives up to the expectations you set.
  4. Make It Active: Give your email subject line some life by starting with action-oriented verbs like “Learn,” “Download” or “Sign Up.” These verbs create a sense of urgency and invite recipients to interact with your email.
  5. Practice Headline Writing: News writers are great at crafting email subject lines because they understand the importance of presenting the most crucial information upfront. Don’t bury your main point in the body of your email. Instead, provide a clear and concise summary in your subject line, respecting your audience’s time.
  6. Personalization Is Key: Personalizing your subject line can significantly increase open rates. Include the recipient’s name, if possible, to make the email feel more tailored and relevant. Most email marketing softwares will give you this option.
  7. Experiment with Emojis: Emojis can add personality and intrigue to your subject lines, making them stand out in a crowded inbox. Just be sure to use relevant emojis and to only use them sparingly.
  8. Segment and Target: Tailor your subject lines based on your target audience segments. Different customer segments may respond better to specific messaging or offers, so customize your subject lines to resonate with each group individually.


There’s no magic formula for the perfect email subject line, but when done well, they can transform recipients into loyal email subscribers. If you need help creating engaging content that educates your audience and establishes your credibility, be sure to check out our free webinars. They offer training at your fingertips, helping you craft compelling emails that leave a lasting impact.