Calculating eCommerce Shipping Options

For table rate shipping, the rates can be based on several conditions, including zones (area of the US based on zip code), price of product, weight of product, and manually entered shipping classes.

You could assign all of your products to different shipping classes (maybe Large, Medium and Small) and have different rules and rates for each of those classes. You could charge a certain amount per item in each class, a certain amount per pound of weight, or a percentage of the cost of the items. You can also set these rates to be different based on the zones.

Keep in mind that the zones are based on zip codes. We can set the zone rules based on what the zip code starts with. For example, we know if the zip code begins with 3, it’s in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee or Mississippi. If the zip begins with 35, it’s an Alabama code. Here’s a list of all zip code prefixes.

If you’d like to set this up through Infomedia, send us an idea of the rates you’d like to charge, and we can get you started.

For example, you could say you want to charge $10 per Small item for the Southeast, $12 per Large item for the Southeast, $20 per Small item for the Northwest, $25 per Large item for the Northwest, etc. You could then assign all of your products to the appropriate class (Large item, Small item, etc.). You can be as detailed as you want here — tell us what you want to do and we’ll see if we can make it happen.

The other option is to let FedEx/UPS calculate the weight. To use this option, you’d need to add weight and dimensions to all your products. For the most detailed results in this option, you’d want to include box sizes as well.