Why Upload Videos to YouTube Instead of to Your Site

Clients often send us requests to add videos to their website and many times they send us the video file. When a client does this, we request that they upload the video to YouTube and then send us the link.


When a video is directly uploaded to a website, it can cause increased load times and browser display issues. Uploading the video to YouTube and then embedding it on the site, prevents the video from increasing load times. Also, YouTube automatically makes sure the video displays correctly on every browser. This results in a better user experience and a more professional look for your website.

We would be happy to train you on how to upload videos. We can host a convenient screen sharing session today and walk you through the upload process. You can also visit the YouTube support page for step by step instructions on how to upload video from your computer, Android, iPhone or iPad.

If you are unable to upload the video our Support team is happy to do it for you. Send us the login credentials for your YouTube account so that we can upload the video. If you have any questions, you can always reach out to us via email at support@infomedia.com.

Looking for a tutorial on the basics on making and posting videos? Watch our free webinar.