How to Check Forms in the Backend of WordPress

Forms can be great for getting feedback from your users about your website, company, and more. WordPress normally sends you form entries in a nice and neat email for convenient viewing; however, occasionally this feature breaks. Sometimes these emails get caught in your spam folder or your IP address was blacklisted, but otherwise they probably were never sent via email. Because of this, we suggest you test the forms on your website to be sure your form responses are being delivered to the emails you want to be receiving notifications.

We don’t recommend depending on email notifications alone. We recommend that you regularly check the backend of your site, ideally once a week (even more often if your forms are critical to the way you do business or if you’re running an ad campaign), to be sure you’ve seen your form responses. We don’t recommend that you depend on email notifications alone, because while Infomedia can stand behind the performance of forms on your website, we can’t ensure delivery of form responses to email.

Infomedia does run tests on form delivery, but because we don’t have access to your email and do not control your email client (Gmail, Outlook, etc.), we can’t know if you’ve gotten a response. As email security gets stronger, it’s a lot more common for form responses coming from your WordPress site to get blocked for various reasons, from the email being inaccurately flagged as spam to the user IP being blacklisted to the user not confirming their email address in the initial test email. Infomedia can only control how our sites perform; we don’t have control over your email client — even if you get email through Infomedia, certain features are controlled by Gmail and by you, not by us.

Here’s how you can manually check the form entries on your WordPress Dashboard:

Go to any and all of the forms on your site, fill out the forms, and then submit them. It’s a good idea to add the word “Test” somewhere in the subject or elsewhere on the form so that anyone who gets the response knows why they’re getting the form submission. Once you submit the form or forms, please check the email address you’d like the notifications to be going to in order to be sure you’re receiving them. If there are others who should be receiving notifications from your website forms, please get in touch with them and confirm that they’re getting the form responses as well.

To check that the backend of WordPress is receiving the submissions, just click the Forms tab in sidebar of your site; you’ll see a list of all your forms there. When you hover over the name of the form, you’ll see Entries come up as an option; click that, and you’ll see a list of all your form entries. Hover over the name of any entry, and you’ll see an option to View the form information. 

This view shows all of the information in the form, in this case an email, a selection of choices, and a comments box. You can search and organize the list in the upper right corner to look for specific entries.